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At Ballantrae at Creekstone, we pride ourselves on keeping our residents connected through periodic bulletins, newsletters and social events. Our residents are  proud of our community engagement, and through our website and mobile app, we keep everyone informed about area happenings, landscaping, maintenance, security, events, and more. While offering community, we seek to present a community where individual privacy is provided by diverse home clustering and ample landscaped vegetation.


Ballantrae Condo Association

Vision, Mission & Values Statement

Vision:​ We envision a community that offers an inspiring lifestyle and quality of life, and is a desirable place in which to live and enjoy the benefits of family, friends and community.

Mission​: ​Our mission is to enhance and preserve the quality of life and sense of community through effective and efficient management of the Association, enforcement of rules and covenants to preserve property values, and support initiatives and capital improvements that benefit the greater good of the community.

Values​: ​In all our activities to achieve our vision and mission we value integrity, fairness, consistent firmness and common sense, community participation, respect, cooperation and sense of community.

Board of Directors Objectives:

  • Encourage collaborative and diverse participation that includes an involved membership.
  • Utilize the experience of The Board members to make and implement responsible decisions and to be good stewards regarding the use of funds and assets belonging to the Association.
  • Uphold the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R’s) and policies of the Homeowners Association by taking a fair, ethical and objective approach in representing the interests of all homeowners to ensure that all additions/changes to lots, homes, and common areas will preserve and/or enhance the value of our properties as a whole.
  • Treat every issue which comes before the Board with respect. Resolutions and responses will be clearly communicated to affected parties.
  • Protect and enhance the value of our neighborhood by maintaining all common areas.
  • Communicate​ ​with homeowners in a timely manner through appropriate mediums, and facilitate opportunities for activities and committees promoting a close-knit neighborly community that works together for the good of all.
  • Be forever mindful of and preserve the Association’s Vision, Mission and Values and serve in the best interests of the Association.

Member Objectives:

  • Good Neighbors First. ​There is no better substitute for resolving community issues as neighbors.
  • Volunteerism. ​We highly value participation in the Association that extends beyond the normal commitment(s) of being a member/resident.
  • Property Maintenance. ​Property owners/residents will maintain their respective property in accordance with our covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&R’s) that enhances the Association and does not detract from the value of our properties or common areas.

Common Good. ​We will evaluate all issues on their merit to the Association, our Mission Vision and Values, and not with regard to any particular interest person/group.